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Photo-workshop in Salzburg, Austria (28-02/01-03, 2015)




Last year, I organised my first workshop in Salzburg, hometown of that musical wonderboy. This UNESCO World Heritage Site features a gorgeous center where you will be surrounded by baroque and post-modern buildings. The city also offers plenty of back alleys that might give you a very different image of the town. 

We will be the guest of Bakip, an educational Institute next to the river Salzach, just a few steps away from the oldest part of Salzburg. In a spacious classroom where they teach art, we will spend two day's finding out how you can make light, both natural and artificial, work for us in order to create images that talk. There will be keynote presentations, discussions, but most of all we will practise taking portraits, both inside and outside. At the end of the weekend, we will discuss the results in a group portfolio reviewing. 



The workshop is at February 28 and March 1, 2015. Two full day's of photography, including keynotes about lightning, taking portraits, composition, portfolio reviewing and a photo walk. 

Language: German

The cost for the workshop is € 275,- including a workshop reader. 
Maximum amount of participants: 16
Click here for conditions and registration.
Some words the students from last year wrote me:
(..) Our weekend-workshop was an extraordinary experience for me. I did not think that I would be able doing what I have dared to do (..) Your passion for the cause is clearly recognisable and it proves once again that the best way to pass on is what puts you in flames (..) Thank you for this incredibly demanding, rewarding, touching, wonderful weekend! (Gunda)
(..) I thought it was great, how you have clearly promoted your personal style, and all of us thereby encouraged to seek to find our own style, and stand to it. And at the same time you give the technique its place, as well.
I really admire how you were attending all of us very personally, but didn't let yourself take out of the concept.
How you answered questions with counter questions each time again ("Do you see it like that"). As a result, you help to figure it out yourself, to find one's own view. And above all, you make us constantly aware: there are only individual answers, opinions, attitudes and points of view, as many as there are people (..) And one more thing: Thanks for the super great, well-structured very clear script! (Daniela)
(..) I do not want to miss the opportunity to warmly thank you for the workshop, which allows me to learn new ways of photography. Now I'm off to find my own way (..) Anyway, it's very exciting. (Willie)
Join me for a weekend of lightning photography in February/March 2015 in Salzburg!