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"Create your personal style in photography" 

Street Style Vienna

October 16.-18. 2015


Boulevard Haussmann, Paris 1996


I am happy to announce a new photo workshop in Vienna, from the 16. October till the 18. of October. A workshop in the middle of Vienna. Be part of it, there are seats for 16 participants in this 2,5 day street photography workshop. 

See more info about the program, some reviews of former participants and registration at: http://www.haroldnaaijer.com/street-style-vienna


Looking forward to welcome you! 


ps: early bird discount until September 15!


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Headshots - Spring offer 30. May 2015 https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2015/4/headshots---spring-offer hnpshootinghnpshooting

Spring is in the air, a great moment for a fresh portrait. In a 45 minutes session we will create a set of 2-3 portraits you can use for your website, brochure, Facebook page, application letter, business or private use. All portraits are manually edited for both social media and print purposes. At May 30. you pay € 199,- (instead of € 275).  

Click on this link for some examples: www.haroldnaaijer.com

When: May 30.
Where: Reindorfgasse, Vienna

Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact me for further information.

e: info@haroldnaaijer.com

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loveshooters https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2015/3/loveshooters The love shooters are here!


Need a reliable, artistic and fun to work with photography team to shoot your wedding? Hire the love shooters and skip one item from your to-do list. We are ready to create a fine story of your day. With a great book full of memories, ready to be picked up, whenever you want. And an online gallery with a selection of your photos to share with your friends and family.

Our advise: hire the photographer you really like and don't take risks, there is just one chance here to do it right. Better tell uncle Bob to leave his big camera at home and allow him some party time with aunt Anny. Photography is a fine medium to experiment, I know all about it, I advise it to the participants during the workshops I give. But don't play Russian roulette when it concerns the reportage of your wedding day!

Love shooters is a team of photographers, actually formed by Martina Spitzer and Harold Naaijer. We collaborate with dj's, musicians, floristas and other creatives we really like. Soon you will find some of them on our site. 

Our main goal is to create stunning, artistic documentaries. Of course with all the moments that matter included.

On the website, you will find photos that will give you an idea of our style. The site also gives you some basic answers on questions you might have regarding hiring us. All written in english, german and dutch. And if you still have questions, just write us a simple email. 

Have a look and let us know if we can help you! Here you go: www.loveshooters.com


London 2011

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rené burri https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2014/10/rene-burri  

Bye Burri

Two snapshots of the master as I saw him in January this year attending his exhibition in Vienna. A master of composition, a creator of pictures that are able to speak to you. I will never forget his exhibition in C/O Berlin, they had to throw me out as I couldn't separate from his photographs. A light depression followed. How on earth even to get in this man's shadow?  

In higher spheres, reunited with his friends Bresson and Capa, I guess he will keep on clicking, with or without his camera. 

Thanks René Burri, for inspiring so many of us. 





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street photography workshop utrecht https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2014/9/street-photography-workshop-utrecht Join me in Utrecht!

You might have found out that the latest Nikon or Canon is not automatically going to make you a better photographer. Focussing on the ultimate gear takes away your inspiration and only makes the industry smile. Have you ever wondered what brand of brushes van Gogh used to make his masterpieces? 

The whole point is: it is just about you. About what you do with your camera. I am coming to Utrecht at October 18 th to give a workshop in photography (language: Dutch). You are invited to meet some wonderful people that want to make their cameras work for them. We will discuss the work of the masters, learn from their compositions. And we will practice on the streets and see how it works.

Sharing my knowledge and experience with others is one of my passions. My workshops are never static, they develop with the input of my participants. From the feedback of participants, I know that this workshop will help you to create pictures that have soul. I promise you that you will never see photography the way you did before. 

Seats are limited and cost 99 euro. Book by clicking here. 



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wedding kina and wouter https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2014/8/wedding-kina-and-wouter  

"Hi Harold! Thank you! What a very cool reportage it has become!!! Wow! So much more beautiful than we could have imagined before! We immediately have shown the pictures to our parents while sipping Indonesian food. Exactly one month after the day we got married. While watching the pictures we experienced the emotions we had that day, again. We still enjoy the pictures, and we are really super glad that we were able to involve you. You have contributed to make it a very relaxed and happy day. "  

Kina and Wouter, July 2014


A boy and a girl. Two people, completely in love with each other. Creative, warm, beautiful, openminded and FUNNY. Telling me on an ordinary day on a Dutch airport that they want to give their bond a name and have a party with all of their family and friends. That her mother will sew her wedding dress. That she is going to make the shoes of her lover, of her father and herself. And that the family will cook Indonesian food for everybody. Asking me if I would like to document that day..

Oh man, and what a party it was. What a beautiful ceremony. A dream of a story that I loved to photographKina and Wouter, I really hope that the pictures will help you to keep that spirit alive. I have made a selection for all the people that couldn't be there. For others that want to be inspired. And of course for all the friends and family that were there and want to enjoy it again. 

These pictures tell a universal story that is never the same. Thank you Wouter and Kina for having me close, for allowing me to be a part of your day! And thank you Lily and Nigel, the organising team, for being so helpful in so many ways.


_DSF7211_DSF7211 _DSF7138_DSF7138
_DSF7068_DSF7068 _DSF7162_DSF7162
_DSF8625_DSF8625 _DSF8630_DSF8630
_DSF8633_DSF8633 _DSF8635_DSF8635
_DSF8595_DSF8595 _DSF8602_DSF8602 _DSF7364_DSF7364
_DSF7369_DSF7369 _DSF7367_DSF7367
_DSF8661_DSF8661 _DSF8665_DSF8665
_DSF8694_DSF8694 _DSF8695_DSF8695 _DSF7389_DSF7389
_DSF7426_DSF7426 _DSF8762_DSF8762
_DSF8796_DSF8796 _DSF8798_DSF8798
_DSF7393-Edit_DSF7393-Edit _DSF7396-Edit_DSF7396-Edit _DSF7398-Edit_DSF7398-Edit
_DSF8830_DSF8830 _DSF8859_DSF8859
_DSF8907-Edit_DSF8907-Edit _DSF8919-Edit_DSF8919-Edit _DSF8956_DSF8956
_DSF8972_DSF8972 _DSF8755-2_DSF8755-2 _DSF8809_DSF8809 _DSF8840_DSF8840 _DSF8816-2_DSF8816-2 _DSF7513_DSF7513 _DSF8977_DSF8977
_DSF7550_DSF7550 _DSF8874-2_DSF8874-2
_DSF7540_DSF7540 _DSF7542_DSF7542
_DSF8914_DSF8914 _DSF9052_DSF9052 _DSF9096_DSF9096 _DSF7637_DSF7637 _DSF8929_DSF8929 _DSF8997_DSF8997 _DSF9011_DSF9011 _DSF9039_DSF9039 _DSF9044_DSF9044 _DSF7585_DSF7585 _DSF7591_DSF7591 _DSF7625_DSF7625
_DSF9131_DSF9131 _DSF9132_DSF9132
_DSF9151_DSF9151 _DSF9158_DSF9158
_DSF9274_DSF9274 _DSF9285_DSF9285 _DSF9254_DSF9254 _DSF9216_DSF9216 _DSF9223_DSF9223 _DSF9226_DSF9226


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istanbul https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2014/6/istanbul At the Bosporus

Two weeks ago, I was able to visit Istanbul for the second time, after almost 20 years. The 'problem' with Istanbul is that it is so big, so divers, that you'll never have time enough to get the complete picture. You would need to spend a lifetime, like Turkish photographer Ara Güler. 

I don't like travel guides and maps (which was one of the reasons to start the city stories project) as it brings you to the usual (postcard) places. Try coincidence, good luck, a chat with a local. At least it brings me to spots where I feel well, treated with more visual surprises.

It started this time in Istanbul by taking the 'wrong' ferry, ending up at the asian side of the town. We met a lady that stated it would be better to get rid of all religions. Close to our very simple apartment we found the national photo museum with a great collection of street photography. On the other side of the river there is a place where students and other youngsters meet in the evening hours to have some beers, provided by a local shop. It seems to be legal. On our side of the Golden Horn, we suddenly ended up in an area full of traditional muslims, a place where you will feel much better with a small unobtrusive camera (like my x100s) as with a big dslr. In the mosques in Fatih, they put fences where, as a tourist, you have to stay behind. A very strange experience, like visiting a zoo. I didn't see this anywhere else in the Arab world. Modern times, I guess. I remember Cairo, having a nap in a mosque between all the others, waking up from the snoring of my neighbour.. 

Please check my website for more pictures I took in Istanbul.


Istanbul, 2014

Istanbul, 2014




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lisbon afternoons https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2014/6/lisbon-afternoons _DSF6929-Edit_DSF6929-Edit

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Viennese heroes https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2014/5/viennese-heroes For the ÖGB, the Austrian trade union, I made a photo reportage about the man and woman of the Viennese waste disposal. Focussing on the biological waste, they showed us how smelly leftovers are processed into clean compost. The spirit of those who have to get up extremely early to pick up our garbage is remarkably top notch. A great experience and I am happy to be able to share some images.






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Vienna calling! https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2014/3/vienna-calling Photography workshop Vienna, Austria (in german); 25 till 27 April. Participation fee: 175 euro p.p. Max. 16 participants. 

Download your program here 

Send an email to secure your seat: info@haroldnaaijer.com.



Vienna, 2013



Next workshops:

May  (23/25)  - Rotterdam,  Holland (dutch)

September  (27/28)  - Vienna,  Austria (german or english)

October  (10/12)  - Salzburg,  Austria (german)


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Bakip https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2014/1/bakip When you think of Salzburg, you might think of Mozart, the 'Festspiele' and huge mountains (especially if you are from Holland). Salzburg also hosts a school that educates youngsters to become Kindergarten teachers. One of their teachers, Regina Altenhofer, asked for a workshop in photography. In October last year we (Martina Spitzer and I) gave a photo workshop, which resulted in an exhibition of the students works this month. The students worked with great passion on their theme 'emotions'. I am proud to show some of their works on this blog, as well as some of the images of the vernissage last week. Great work, girls!


Christina mit Nena.jpgChristina mit Nena.jpg    

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Photography workshop Lisbon https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2014/1/photography-workshop-lisbon  

Save the date!!

Photography workshop Lisbon, Portugal (english); 22 and 23 March, Bairro Alto. Participation fee: 125 euro p.p. Max. 16 participants. 

Download your program here 

Send an email to secure your seat: info@haroldnaaijer.com.


Next workshops:

April  (25/27)  - Vienna,  Austria (german)

May  (23/25)  - Rotterdam,  Holland (dutch)

September  (26/28)  - Vienna,  Austria (german or english)

October  (10/12)  - Salzburg,  Austria (german)



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Happy New Year! https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2014/1/portrait "A portrait! What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound."

                                                                                                                                     - Charles Baudelaire


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Photo Workshop Salzburg https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2013/11/photo-workshop-salzburg  




























Two weeks ago I gave a workshop in (street) photography in Salzburg, Austria. I was fortunate to work with a group of devoted and enthusiastic participants. For some of them it was the first time, working on the streets. 

Here is what some of the participants said about the workshop (I translated German into English, please forgive me Gunda, Daniela and Willie if I made any mistakes):

(..) Our weekend-workshop was an extraordinary experience for me. I did not think that I would be able doing what I have dared to do (..) Your passion for the cause is clearly recognisable and it proves once again that the best way to pass on is what puts you in flames (..) Thank you for this incredibly demanding, rewarding, touching, wonderful weekend! (Gunda)

(..) I thought it was great, how you have clearly promoted your personal style, and all of us thereby encouraged to seek to find our own style, and stand to it. And at the same time you give the technique its place, as well.
I really admire how you were attending all of us very personally, but didn't let yourself take out of the concept.
How you answered questions with counter questions each time again ("Do you see it like that"). As a result, you help to figure it out yourself, to find one's own view. And above all, you make us constantly aware: there are only individual answers, opinions, attitudes and points of view, as many as there are people (..) And one more thing: Thanks for the super great, well-structured very clear script! (Daniela)

(..) I do not want to miss the opportunity to warmly thank you for the workshop, which allows me to learn new ways of photography. Now I'm off to find my own way (..) Anyway, it's very exciting. (Willie)


Next year, I will give a couple of more (street) photography workshops. I maximised the number of seats to 16 per workshop in order to be able to give you plenty of feedback. If you already want to reserve your place, please write me an email for more information. These are the countries and dates in 2014 that are planned:


March  (21/23)  - Lisbon,  Portugal (english)

April  (25/27)  - Vienna,  Austria (german)

May  (16/18)  - Amsterdam,  Holland (dutch)

September  (26/28)  - Vienna,  Austria (german or english)

October  (10/12)  - Salzburg,  Austria (german)


And here are some more pictures from the participants: 



Thanks Martin (1), Gunda (2), Regina (3), Daniela (4) and Sarah (5). Sorry to all the others that send me pictures, maybe I can show them another time ;-)

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Bad Blumau https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2013/9/bad-blumau Recently I photographed for the magazine of the Austrian Trade Union ÖGB in the wonderful spa of Blumau, designed by the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Thanks to the warm assistance of union volunteer Ruth Roth, I was able to go behind the scenes. 


Bad Blumau, Austria 2013, client: OEGB
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photography workshop Salzburg https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2013/8/photo-workshop-Salzburg


From the 25th of October, I will give a weekend photography workshop (in German) in Salzburg, Austria. If you are interested, please click on the picture above for more information. Looking forward meeting you!

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photo cabins https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2013/8/photocabins photo cabin


I am addicted to photo cabins. It is hard for me not to jump in when I see one. Pictures taken by a machine, waiting for that flash that always comes when you thought you were already done. In Berlin and Vienna they put them on the streets. For 2 euro you get 4 black and white images on a strip. It is so rewarding to have a set of funny pictures in your hand. Apps on a phone, ok, but nothing beats a real print. The picture above was taken in a photo cabin in London. In Hyde park at the wedding of the couple that just got a baby.

This year, I started to offer artistic wedding photography. I shot some weddings before in Holland and Portugal, but I wanted to bring it more in line with my artistic and documentary photography.  

When developing this new wedding photography style, I also thought about these photo cabins and created my own version. Of course there are props to have a little bit of fun. You can rent it on your wedding day and let your guests dress up for the picture. A great entertainer when we are doing the couple shoot. And it delivers great memories as well. 

Just send me a message if you want me to shoot your wedding. I will drive or fly to you. Where ever you want me to. 


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Art is peace https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2013/7/art-is-peace



Using the slogan: ART IS PEACE, a group of artists in Aleppo, Syria, organise different art events to distract the people from the war and to gain international attention for their suffering. I got to know these artists in Aleppo in a time without war, and experienced that they live art in a wonderful way. I feel bad about what is happening to my friends now. The blockade of the town makes it impossible to get food and medicine to the citizens. People are dying, from bombs, but even more from the lack of food & medical care. Again, the world watches and tries to make it a 'good guys, bad guys war'. It is a complicated war. Clear is, however, that civilians shouldn't be used as hostages, not by any party and not for any goal. My friends have different religions and opinions, and are united by the idea that freedom lives best in a secular society that has respect for all religions. They fear that this war puts their multi religious society in danger. 

These brave artists created a Facebook site where you can follow their activities, please have a look and support them: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=431358016977439&set=a.420426648070576.1073741829.181081178671792&type=3&theater

(The picture I took before the war in a small beduins village, close to Aleppo, Syria, in the middle of the desert. The girls just cut their hair, against all traditions, as a short haired Dutch woman helped the village out with irrigation works)

(harold naaijer photography) Aleppo Art Syria is peace https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2013/7/art-is-peace Thu, 25 Jul 2013 14:58:00 GMT
Photo workshops with the Four Seasons Hotel in Lisbon https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2013/7/photo-workshops-with-the-four-seasons-hotel-in-lisbon Driving on a sidecar through Lisbon, capturing the gorgeous light that reflects on the old roofs of the historical centre, improving your photographic skills... At the Four Seasons hotel in Lisbon you can book me again this summer.

Check out:


(harold naaijer photography) lisbon photo workshop https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2013/7/photo-workshops-with-the-four-seasons-hotel-in-lisbon Thu, 11 Jul 2013 19:54:48 GMT
City stories https://www.haroldnaaijer.com/blog/2013/7/city-stories


City Stories Workshops


Verliere dich in einer Stadt, die du nicht kennst. Schaue, begegne, entdecke - zusammengefasst: lass dich ein auf die Stimmung der Stadt und sei vorbehaltlos neugierig.

Mit deiner Kamera hältst du deine eigenen Impressionen der Stadt fest und spiegelst darin auf deine Art wider, wie du sie erlebst.




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